The goal of this site is to provide a searchable repository of Yachats public documents.  There are two ways to locate a document.  The Document Index organizes pages according to the type of document and is sorted by date.  For example, the list of document groups will include meeting minutes, council and commission agendas and meeting packets; City forms, financial reports, studies, letters and many other documents that are public. 

The database option is a full text Document Search with the ability to use more advanced search and query filters.  All the documents in the database are searchable.  You might want to see all the records that include a reference to a street name or subdivision.  Or perhaps you want to see all the minutes for the Planning Commission for 2007.  You might want to search for a key phrase like Comprehensive Plan or Little Log Church.  The search process accommodates compound searches so you can choose to include in your selection (1) minutes, (2) Public Works (3) and a phrase like "sewer plant".  Only documents meeting all three search criteria will be returned.

For more details about the database search, refer to the Help / FAQ section.  In addition to detailed instructions, there are examples of how you can use the advanced search to locate documents faster.

Note:  For the best search and viewing experience, it is recommended that you run the latest version of Adobe's Acrobat Reader.  If you encounter any messages about problems opening files, upgrade your Acrobat reader.  The latest version of Acrobat is used to take advantage of improved file compression which reduces time to open documents.


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